Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 15th April‬


‪Skill – Rowing Technique ‬

In Pairs
‪25 AMRAP‬

‪5km Row / Ski‬
‪1- 1 X Rope Climb‬
‪2- 10 X KB Swing @32/24kg‬

‪Both Partners working through the above spilt however you like.‬


‪Once 5km Row is completed Max Effort Synchro Air Squats (No EMOM)!‬

‪Score 1 = 5km Row Time‬
‪Score 2 = Synchro Air Squat Reps‬


‪Barbell – Clean & Jerk‬

Fast forward to 25:30 and 1:14:00!! 🏋🏼‍♀️


10 EMOM 
2 X Clean & Jerk @70/75%

4 X 10 Clean Grip Deadlift @50/60%
(Rest 90 Secs Between Sets)
C / ACE.

Back Squat 4 X 3 @85%
(Rest 90 Secs Between Sets)


Crossfit Endurance – Speed Endurance

A. Time Trial: 1000m Row / Ski

Rest 5 minutes

B. Intervals

00:00-02:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace, easy pace until time cap
02:00-04:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 2/4 seconds, easy pace until time cap
04:00-06:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 4/8 seconds, easy pace until time cap
06:00-08:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 6/12 seconds, easy pace until time cap
08:00-10:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 8/16 seconds, easy pace until time cap

Rest 5 minutes, repeat!

*The first 200m row should be performed at your average pace from the 1000m time trial. Each interval should be done slightly faster. Depending on fitness levels, you should aim to take between 2-4 seconds of your previous pace on each interval.

**Easy pace can be any pace under your target pace for that interval. However, you should aim to row between 100-170m in the time you have remaining.





5 X 3 Strict Press @82.5/85%


Conditioning – For Time:

Buy In:
150 X DUs / 150 X SUs

GTOH @50/35kg

Buy Out:
400m Run

Time Cap: 20 Mins



Cal Row
Over Erg Burpee

Rest 3 Minutes


Thrusters @42.5/30kg
V-Up / Sit Up

Rest 3 Minutes


Cal Assault Bike / Ski
DB Snatch @25/17.5kg


‪Bank Holiday WOD!!‬

‪Bring your workout buddies and join us for an Epic Team Workout! 🔥 (Teams of 4)‬

‪The Gym will be open 0900-1300 with classes at 0930 and 1030 and a BBQ which everyone is invited to at 1130!!! 😎 Come along, workout and socialise to kick off the Bank Holiday weekend the best possible way! 💪🏽😅‬


In Pairs

60 X Calories
50 X DB STOH @22.5/15kg
40 X T2B
30 X KB Swings @32/24kg
20 X Synchro Burpees
10 X Ring or Bar Muscle Ups / 20 X Strict Pull Ups
400m Run (Together)
Then back up!

*40 Min Time Cap


CrossFit Endurance – Base Endurance & Pacing

A. For Time

3000m Bike / 1500m Row

*Rest for heart rate to drop to 65% or less

B. For Distance

Bike or row as many meters as you can. Your time to do this will be your (personal) result from A

*Rest until heart rate has recovered to 65% or less

C. For Time

The distance to bike or row will be your (personal) result from B

*This workout is primarily an exercise in pacing. Your distance and time rowed or biked in C, should be roughly the same as your numbers in A!

**We will wait for everyone to recover from each part and start each new section together. This means some will have a little more rest. Enjoy it / cheer on the rest of the team!



‪Handstand Walking – Upside Down Master Class!!! 🤸🏽‍♂️‬


For Time:


10 Min ‘Mary’

10 X Alt Pistol
15 X Pull Up



5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 X OH Squat @42.5/30kg

Time Cap: 30 Mins