Programming For Week Commencing 23rd September



In Pairs

Front Rack Lunge* @50/35kg
Toes To Bar

Max Calories In Remaining Time!
Score = Calories

*Rx+: Perform Front Rack Lunge with Axle Bar / Fat Gripz

Coaches Notes: Split the reps 50/50, one person working at a time. Complete 80 X Lunge then 80 X Cals then 40 X T2B, then 60, 60, 30 etc



Strength – DB Turkish Get Up

Build to 4 Working Sets:

Complete 3 Reps LH then 3 Reps RH @by feel
Rest 90 Sec between Sets


TGU Skill / Technique Practice


CrossFit Games Open ‘19.4’

For Time:

3 Rounds Of:

10 X Snatch* @43/30kg
12 X Bar-Facing Burpee

Then, Rest 3 Mins before continuing with:

3 Rounds Of:

10 X Bar Muscle-Up**
12 X Bar-Facing Burpee

Time Cap: 12 Mins

*Scale weight as per WOD scorecard or substitute for Heavy American KB Swing
**Scale to Pull Up / Jumping C2B / Ring Row + Push Up to Box


CrossFit Endurance

I. 6 Min AMRAP Jump Overs
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc
*Only unbroken sets count. If you miss a rep, rest and try that same set again until you complete it before you attempt the next set.

II. Speed Endurance

Intervals: 2 Minutes On: 3 Minutes Off

12/15 Cal Row
Max Distance Sandbag/D-Ball Carry (Bearhug Hold) in Remaining Time*

*Repeat until you have completed 100(!) lengths of the gym





5 Sets:

1 X Clean + 1 X Hang Clean + 1 X Front Squat + 1 X Spilt Jerk @70% of 1RM C&J

Rest 2 Mins Between Sets


1 X Clean & Jerk @75%


3 X 3 Clean Pull @100%



Skill – Handstand Walking


Benchmark WOD ‘Helen’

3 Rounds For Time:

400m Run
21 X KB Swing @24/16kg
12 X Pull-up


‘Fat Helen’

400m Run
21 X KB Swing @32/24kg
12 X C2B Pull-up

Time Cap: 15 Min

After Class Extra:

3 Sets:

100m Farmers Carry X 2 KB @Heavy
Rest 1 Min Between Sets



Strength – Back Squat

2 X 5 @70%
1 X 4 @80%
1 X 3 @85%
1 X 2 @90%

Rest 2 Mins Between Sets



1- 16 X Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15kg
2- 20 X Wall Ball @9/6kg
3- 50 X DU / DU Practice
4- 30s Hollow Body Hold


3 Rounds For Time:
In Pairs

1000m Row / Ski / 2.5km Bike
50 X Box Jump Over @24/20”
25 X Deadlifts @120/80kg

Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds


Pull Up – Kipping / Butterfly Technique 🦋

Mobility, Strength & Skill


Crossfit Endurance

I. Warm Up & Footwork Drills

II. Speed Endurance

🚨15m Beep Test🚨

Run 15m before the beep sounds. Continue hitting your target as the beeps get faster. Let’s see how far we get😈

III. Midline Conditioning (if time allows)

3 Rounds
3 X Length Broad Jumps

*For each jump taken you owe:
5 X Tuck Jump
10 X Sit Up




Hero WOD ‘Will Lindsay’

This Hero WOD is dedicated to Sgt. 1st Class Will D. Lindsay, 33, who paid the ultimate sacrifice on March 22, 2019.

Sgt. 1st Class Lindsay was a Green Beret of the 2nd Battalion, 10th Special Forces group, on his seventh combat deployment when he was killed by small arms fire during a firefight in Kunduz province, Afghanistan.

A recipient of five Bronze Star medals and a Purple Heart, SFC Lindsay was well-recognized for his leadership abilities and combat skills.

SFC Lindsay is survived by his wife and four daughters.

This workout was posted on competitive athlete Josh Bridges’ YouTube channel on May 19, 2019. As Josh describes it, he was approached by a close friend of SFC Lindsay’s, identified only as “Evan”, during a fitness expo in Utah. During their conversation, Evan told Josh about SFC Lindsay and requested Josh create a workout in his name.

The rep scheme signifies the date SFC Lindsay died and 10 rounds signifies the 10th Special Forces Group.

10 Rounds for Time:

3 X Devil Presses @2 X 25/15kg
22 X Alt DB Lunges @2 X 25/15kg
19 X Air Squats

Rx: Wear a Weight Vest @10/7kg