Programming For Week Commencing 30th September



Skill – Double Unders

Rx+: Wearing a Vest Or Triple Unders


CrossFit Games Open 17.5

10 Rounds For Time:

9 X Thruster @42.5/30kg
35 X DUs


10 Rounds For Time:

9 X Thruster @30/20kg
35 X SUs

Time Cap: 40 Mins

After Class Extra:

3 Sets:

20 X Banded Lat Pull Downs
6 X Strict Toes To KB
Rest 60s




5 X 3 Deadlift @85%



For Time:

American KB Swing @32/24kg
Goblet Squat
*300m Run after each round

Time Cap: 12 Mins


Crossfit Endurance

I. Power Endurance

A1. 30sec ME Cals (Row/Bike/Ski)
*Rest 2 Minutes
A2. For time, cals achieved in A1
*Rest 2 Minutes

B1. 60sec ME Cals
*Rest 3 Minutes
B2. For time, cals achieved in B1
*Rest 3 Minutes

C1. 90sec ME Cals
*Rest 4 Minutes
C2. For Time, cals achieved in C1

Each interval should be executed at maximum intensity!

II. Midline Conditioning: 5 Min Plank Hold
*Hold a plank for 5 minutes. This does not have to be consecutive (ie. you may break as often as you like as long as your total plank hold adds up to 5 minutes)

Time Cap: 10 Minutes





3 Round Super Set:

6 Push Press @80%
90s Rest


8 Single Arm DB Bent Over Row (Bench Supported – 8 Per Arm)
90s Rest



5 Rounds of Intervals 2:00 On / 2:00 Off
20 X Alt Jumping Lunge
15 X GHD / Sit-Up
Max Cals in Remaining Time

*Scaled = Standard Lunges / Box Step Ups


Barbell – Snatch


Snatch Warmup

3-5 Sets

1 X Muscle Snatch + 1 X Snatch Balance + 1 X OH Squat @light


OH Squat Mobility


6 Sets:

1 X Snatch + 1 X Hang Snatch @60-70%
Rest 90s Between Sets


3 X 3 Heaving Snatch Balance @75-80%
Rest 90s Between Sets




8 X 3 Front Squat (Tempo 40X1) @60-65%*
Rest 90s Between Sets

*Tempo & Form Over Weight



5 X T2B
10 X Push Up
15 X Air Squat

Coach’s Notes:
Tempo in weight training is the rhythm at which you move a weight, including the rest time at the top of the lift and at the return of the weight to the starting position.

It depicts a specific time under tension for that muscle group, for example: 3020 or 42X1

**Let’s look at the details of 42X1**
The first number (4) is the eccentric or lowing part of the lift, so here the coach wants you to take 4 seconds to complete this – which is pretty slow.

The second number (2) is the bottom of the lift (like the bottom of a squat/bench press or start of a shoulder press/pull up).  Here the coach wants you to take a 2 second pause.

The third number (in this case and ‘X’ for explosive movement) is the concentric or lifting portion (where you stand up from a squat/push a bench press, press on a shoulder press or pull on a pull up.

The last number (1)  is the top of the lift; the top of a squat, lock out on a bench press, full arm extension on a shoulder press or chin over the bar moment of a pull up.

**Why do some lifts start in different places on the tempo directions?**
A 3010 tempo makes perfect sense on lifts that start with an eccentric, or lowering phase, like a squat or bench press. You lower the bar for 3 seconds, there’s no pause at the midpoint, and then you return to the starting position.

Some lifts however start with the concentric portion of a lift, like a shoulder press or pull up.  For these lifts we just read the tempo starting in the middle of the numbers, and loop back around through them, it is that simple.


Team WOD

In Pairs For Time:

6000/5000m Row for Time… meanwhile the following must be completed by 1 of the pair:

1 X Rope Climb
5 X DB Clean @25/17.5kg
7 X Burpee

*P1 rows, P2 completes 1 round, then swap after each completed round.


Handstand Walking – Mobility, Strength & Skill


Crossfit Endurance

I. Plyometric Warm Up & Drills

II. Speed Endurance

10 Min Ascending Ladder
2, 4, 6, 8, etc
Over Unders
Calories (Row, Bike, Ski)

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Min Ascending Ladder
1, 2, 3, 4, etc
Over Plate/Box Jump
Shuttle Run

III. Midline Conditioning

3-5 Rounds
30sec High Plank Hold
30sec Rest
30sec Reverse Plank Hold



Hero WOD ‘Lane’

Dedicated to Sergeant Ryan H. Lane, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, who paid the ultimate sacrifice in combat on July 23, 2009 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

At the time of his death, Sgt. Lane was attempting to lead his Marines out of the line of indirect fire from enemy mortars.

Sgt. Lane is survived by his wife, Valerie Lane, his mom Kathy Hanley, his father Harold Lane, three brothers, Jim Hanley (stepfather) and many other proud family members and friends.

For Time:

With a Partner

800m Med Ball Run @9/6kg
28 X Power Snatch @60/40kg
39 X Burpee Box Jump-Overs @24/20”
84 X Wall Ball @9/6kg
800m Med Ball Run
84 X Wall Ball
39 X Burpee Box Jump-Over
28 X Clean & Jerk
800m Med Ball Run

Time Cap: 40 Min