Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 17th February‬




5 X 3 Push Press* @85%
Rest 2 Mins Between Sets

*Using either a Barbell, Power Log or Axle Bar. Whichever you choose, stick with it for all 5 Sets. The idea is to vary your training but keep the required stimulus. Have fun!



1- 20 X Slam Ball @30/20lb
2- 40 X DU
3- 16 X Alt Pistol / Goblet Squat @32/24kg
4- 10 X C2B Pull Up / Pull Up


Conditioning ‘Dumb-Ass’

In Teams of 3:


P1- Complete 1 Round of:

5 X DB Thrusters @2 X 22.5/15kg
20m DB Farmers Carry
5 X DB Thrusters*

P2- Max Effort Assault Bike Cals

P3- Resting

*The Dumbbells CANNOT TOUCH THE FLOOR, if they do the whole team do a 400m Run together. P1 must pass them over to another team member on completion of the Round (if different weights are needed then only then can they be exchanged providing they are picked up immediately).

Score A = Total Rounds
Score B = Total Cals

Coaches Notes: If in a pair then P1 does DB Round whilst P2 does Cals, on completion of DB Round they swap, once P2 has completed their DB Round both rest for 1 Min, then repeat!


Crossfit Endurance

I. Plyometrics Week 1: Step Up into Plate Jump

15 Min to learn and practise the movement. When feeling strong, we can add dumbells to make this a weighted movement.

II. Speed Endurance

2 X 8 Min On // 4 Min Off

Interval 1
200m Run
30sec Max Rep Deadlifts @60% 1RM*

Interval 2
200m Run
30sec Max Rep DB Box Step Ups





10 Mins to Build to a Heavy Double Snatch Balance


15 Mins to Build to a Heavy For The Day Snatch


1 X Snatch @70% of B

After Class Extra:

4 X 2 Front Squat @80-85%
Rest 90s Between Sets




5 X 5 Strict Pull Up
*Accumulate 60s Hollow Body Hold / Tuck Hold Between Sets

Rx+ Weighted Pull Up (Vest or Belt)



4 Rounds (For Consistency)

Every 5 Mins:
30/24 X Cals
40 X DU
10 X Burpee Box Jump @24/20”
40 X DU




Back Squat

2 X 4 @70%
2 X 3 @80%
2 X 2 @85%

Rest 90s Between Sets



For Time:

Hang Power Clean @55/40kg
T2B / Leg Raise / T2KB

Time Cap: 12 Mins


Team WOD

Pairs Chipper for Time:

100 X Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15kg
20 X Synchro Air Squat*
80 X Wall Ball @9/6kg
20 X Synchro Air Squat*
60 X DB Russian Twist @22.5/15kg
20 X Synchro Air Squat*
40 X Down Up
20 X Synchro Air Squat*
20 X Devils Press @22.5/15kg
200m Run
Then go back up…⬆️

*On way back up perform Synchro Alt Lunge

Time Cap: 30 Mins


Core (Abs) Conditioning 🔥


Crossfit Endurance

I. Agility Week 1: T-Drill Test

II. Speed Endurance

A. Rowing Technique & Warm Up

B. Speed Intervals
5-7 X 250m Row
*3 Min Rest Between Sets

III. Core Conditioning
4 X 8-10 Russian Barbell Sit Ups



Hero WOD ‘Tommie Mac’

Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson, 26, was killed in action on October 12, 2012 by enemy forces during a heavy firefight while conducting combat operations in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He was leading an assault against an enemy position when he was mortally wounded by small arms fire.

MacPherson was a team leader assigned to Company D, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. He previously served one deployment to Iraq and this was his fourth deployment to Afghanistan.

The “Tommy Mac” Hero WOD was created by elite-level coach Rudy Nielsen of CrossFit Outlaw (Alexandria, VA, USA), who first posted the workout on his “The Outlaw Way” blog as the workout of the day for October 27, 2012. The post included the following quote from Tommy’s former Platoon Leader:

“The whole thing with Tommy is that he embodies everything that’s right about Ranger Battalion. He held the position of Ranger Team Leader which is literally the tip of the spear. He was the consummate, quiet professional—he expected absolutely zero recognition for what he did. He loved his job because he was a born protector. He was perfectly content to carry out his life’s work under the cover of darkness, with his and his comrades’ actions to remain forever under the cloak of shadows. He died doing what he loved; protecting all of us. What stood out about Tommy the most was his maturity beyond his years. I believe it was the fact that he was the older brother of younger siblings, but like another Sgt. said “Tommy wasn’t one of those guys who joined the Army and grew into a man. He joined as a man and grew others.” He left behind his beautiful wife, Claudia MacPherson, and their son, Brayden.”

2 Rounds For Time:

12 X Burpee
12 X Thrusters @52.5/35kg
12 X Burpee
12 X Power Snatch @52.5/35kg
12 X Burpee
12 X Push Jerk @52.5/35kg
12 X Burpee
12 X Hang Squat Clean @52.5/35kg
12 X Burpee
12 X Overhead Squat* @52.5/35kg

Coaches Notes: Scale OH Squat to Back Squat as needed.