Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 3rd February



150 X DU / SU
24 X DB Snatch @22.5/15kg
24 X V-Up / Med Ball Sit-up / Sit-Up
24 X Goblet Squat @24/16kg
24 X Pull Up
24 X DB Alt Hang Clean & Jerk
24 X Pistol
24 X DB Hammer Curl (12/12)



15 Mins to Build to a Heavy Triple Power Snatch


‘Power Isabel’

For Time:
30 X Power Snatch @61/40kg

Time Cap: 15 Mins

After Class Extra:

4 X 4 Front Squat @70% Tempo 31X1


Crossfit Endurance

I. Agility Week 5: Dot Drills & Coordination

II. Base Endurance

4 x 400m Row @800m Pace
*90 sec rest between sets
**Stroke Rate = 24-28sm

III. Core Conditioning

100m Row
*For every stroke, perform:
30sec Mountain Climbers
20sec Reverse Plank



In Pairs:


20 X Down Up
40 X DB Thruster @2 X 22.5/15kg
60 X DU / 120 X SU

Rest 6 Mins


30 X DB Snatch @25/17.5kg
30 X KB Alt Lunge @24/16kg
30 X Cal Row




4 X 4 Bench Press @80%

In between each set accumulate 60s hanging Hollow Body Hold




Strict Pull Up
HR Press Up
Renegade Row

After each round complete 15 X Sit Up


CrossFit Total (CFT)

1RM Back Squat
1RM Strict Press
1RM Deadlift

15 Mins to establish each ‘Technically Perfect’ 1RM (e.g. 10 Mins to work up, 5 Mins to Score). Total score is derived from the sum of the best (or heaviest) of each lift. Generally, 3 attempts are made for each maximal lift.

After Class Extra:

Tabata Assault Bike
8 Rounds
20s On / 10s Off

Score = Total Calories


In Teams of 2/3

7 Rounds For Time:

30 X Sandbag / D-Ball Alt Lunge @Heavy
30 X Russian KB Swing @32/24kg
30 X DB Power Clean @2 X 22.5/15kg
3 X Rope Climb

*E2MOM 5 X Team Synchro Burpee




Crossfit Endurance

I. Plyometrics: Vertical Jump Week 5

Skill: High Box Jump from Squat Position (static)

*10-15 minutes to learn and practise this version of box jumps

II. Base Endurance

A. 12 EMOM
1. 3 X Weighted Squat Jump @40% BS
2. 5-8 X High Box Jump
3. 20 X Bodyweight Lunges
4. Rest

5 Min Break

B. 5 Rounds For Time
3 X Goblet Squat @heavy
5 X Box Jump @height lower than A2
20 X Bodyweight Lunges



Hero WOD ‘Zeus’

U.S. Army Specialist David E. Hickman, 23, of Greensboro, North Carolina, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, died on November 14, 2011, in Baghdad, Iraq, from wounds suffered when insurgents detonated an improvised explosive device near his vehicle. He is survived by his wife Calli, parents David and Veronica, and brother Devon.

3 Rounds For Time:

30 X Wall Ball @9/6kg
30 X Sumo Deadlift High-Pull @35/25kg
30 X Box Jump @20”
30 X Push Press @35/25kg
30 X Cals
30 X Push-Up
10 X Back Squat @Bodyweight