Thursday 17th September


Strength – Front Squat

5 X 5 @RPE 8
Rest 60-90s Between Sets



For Time:


Wall Ball @9/6kg
V-Up / Tuck Crunch
Front Rack Lunge @50/35kg

*60 X DU / 120 X SU after each set

Time Cap: 14 Mins

Wednesday 16th September


Build to a Heavy For The Day Single Snatch Balance


Establish a 1RM Snatch


Work on Mobility & Technique

Tuesday 15th September


Strength – Core Interval

2 Sets:

30/30 Work / 30 Rest & Stretch

Leg Raise
Windscreen Wiper

Otis Sit-Up
V-Up / Tuck Crunch

Walking Plank


‘PumpCon’ Session! 💪🏽🔥

21 EMOM (3 Rounds)
40s Work Intervals

1- Handstand Walk / HS Hold / OH Hold
2- DB Hammer Curl LH/RH
3- Laying DB Glute Bridge
4- Strict Pull Up / Ring Row
5- DB/KB Side Bend LH/RH
6- Close Grip Push Up
7- Rest

Monday 14th September


Strength – Strict Press

5 X 5 @RPE 8
Rest 60s Between Sets



For Time:

30/24 X Cals
30 X Push Press @42.5/30kg
90 X Air Squat
30 X Push Press @42.5/30kg
30/24 X Cals

Time Cap: 12 Mins

‪Sunday 13th September

Hero WOD ‘Leath’

This Hero workout is dedicated to Police Officer Breann Leath, Indianapolis PD, IA, who was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance call on April 9, 2020.

A subject inside opened fire through the apartment’s closed front door, striking Officer Leath and a female resident of the apartment who were standing in the outside hallway. Both were taken to a local hospital where Officer Leath succumbed to her wounds.

The rep scheme signifies:
– 4-9-20 for the date when Officer Leath was killed
– 24 Air Squats represent the age when she passed
– 4 movements and 10 rounds for the 4th IMPD Officer killed in the last 10 years.

10 Rounds for Time:
4 X Burpee Box Jump Overs @24/20”
9 X American Kettlebell Swings @24/16 kg
20 X Push-Up
24 X Air Squat

Time Cap: 30 Mins