Programming for Week Commencing 11th July

5 X 5 Overhead Squat @60/70%
Rest 2 minutes

In 3s
25 Mins:
300 Thrusters @50/35kg
(2 people working)
300 Calorie Row / Bike
(2 people working)

In remaining time Max Effort (ME) Synchronised Burpees
Score = Burpees

Work up to a Heavy Clean

1 Rep @80/90% of above

10 EMOM @50-60%
1 Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Hang Clean
(must stand up hang clean before front squat)

Kipping Technique Progressions
5 x ME Strict Pull Ups
Rest 90 seconds
ME Ring Dips

1- 16 Goblet Lunge @24/16kg
2- 16 Box Jumps 24/20″
3- 16 Russian KB Swings @24/16kg
4- 16 Burpees

Build up to a heavy for the day power snatch + hang power snatch (or work on power snatch technique)

Drop weight to 70-80% and complete one rep of above complex 10 min EMOM.

6 x 3 Front Squat @80%
Rest 2minutes

4 X 8 Push Press @70%
Rest 2 minutes

1- 12 Press Up
2- 10 Chin ups
3- 8 Ring Dips
4- 6 Strict Pull-ups

In Pairs
30 Cleans 60/40
40 Box Jumps 24/20″
50 Wallballs 9/6
60 DUs

Gymnastics Class:

Press to Handstand Technique / Progressions

Hero Workout ‘Ralph’
4 rounds for time:
8 Deadlifts @115/77.5kg,
16 Burpees
3 Rope Climbs
600m Run (Row / Bike)

British Army Second Lieutenant Ralph Johnson, 24, of South Africa, assigned to the Household Cavalry Regiment, based in Windsor, England, was killed on August 1, 2006, in Helmand province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device.

Programming for Week Commencing 4th July


Back Squat 5 X 5 @ 75%
Rest 2 minutes between sets

In teams
5 Rounds:
Min 1 – Max Effort (ME) Row
Min 2 – ME Wallballs
Min 3 – ME Burpees
Min 4 – Rest

*Aim for consistency, try to match your last round score with your first!

After Class Extra:
3 X 30 KB Goblet Squat @24/16kg
Rest 90 seconds

A.1 Bench Press 4 X 8 @70%
A.2 Strict Pull-up 4 X 10
Rest 30 seconds / 2 minutes

20 min AMRAP
Run 200m
15 HSPU/Press Ups
10 Toes to Bar / Toes to Kettlebell
6 KB snatch (Alternating) @24/16kg

Daily max in Power Clean Double + Power Jerk
Complete 10 singles (one power clean + one power jerk) at heaviest double.

Hang Power Clean + Push Press Chipper
30reps @40/25kg
20reps @50/35kg
15reps @60/40kg
10reps @70/45kg
5reps @80/50kg

Deadlift 5 X 10 @60%
Rest 2 minutes

1- 20 Box Jumps @24/20″
2- 20 Knee raises
3- 20 KB Swings @24/16kg
4- 20 Down Ups

Barbell Cycling
Hang Power Snatch
Hang Snatch
Power Snatch

In Pairs
5 Rounds
Row 800m
30 Synchronised Burpee
40 GTOH 50/35kg
50 DUs

Gymnastics Class
Ring / Bar Muscle Up technique progressions

Rope Climb / Kick to Handstand / Walk Technique

Gymnastic 20 EMOM
Min 1 – 1-3 Rope Climbs / Legless
Min 2 – 30s Hollow Body Hold
Min 3 – 10m HS Walk / 2-4 Wall Walks
Min 4 – Rest

Grand Opening Day of the Newest CrossFit Box in Norwich!!

WOW what a day! On Saturday we held the grand opening day of the newest CrossFit Box in Norwich. And boy what a turn out we got! It was incredible to see so many people show their support and love. With members and friends taking part in workout demos, along with an amazing display from the Spitfire Circus Arts students too. You all did fantastically well!!

We were also very privileged to have our good friends travel over from CrossFit Faber to celebrate the big day. Along with Head Coach & Owner Ciaran Langford, and the brilliant VBlogger Craig Richey from #teamrichey.

Check out this brilliant video from Craig of the day!!!


Team Spitfire!!

Team Spitfire!!

World Record Breaking…!

Check out this amazing trapeze artiste breaking the world record for the highest trapeze act!

Want to give static trapeze a go? Come and try it in our Aerial Skills class, enquire for details!

Don’t Take It Too Seriously…!

This video is a favourite of ours as it shows you should always enjoy what you do & have fun doing it!