Now the drab of winter is behind us and the summer 🌞 is on its way, a few of us have started a Spitfire Cycle Crew, with the intention of meeting on Sunday morning’s at 0900 at the Box and going for a morning ride!

We would like to welcome any spitfire ninjas of all abilities who would like to come and give it a go, routes will vary and distance too with ranges from 25 to 50 miles 1.5hrs to 3hrs. Hope to see you there! 🚴‍♂️💥


Spitfire In-House Mixed Pairs Comp


Grab a partner and join us on Sunday 2nd June for our Spitfire Members In-House Mixed Pairs Comp!

Get your Team Place here: TICKET LINK

Open to all Spitfire Members, with teams made up of one Female and one Male, open to all abilities. This is your chance to take to the floor and Throwdown together for what will prove to be an awesome day!

Tickets are £20 for each team with 100% of all funds raised going toward some great podium prizes and also to charity!!

The workouts will be released in the weeks leading up to the event to give you the opportunity to hone your skills and team tactics 💪🏽🔥

Look forward to seeing you on the comp floor!! #spitfireninja


Important Dates For Your Diary!

As the Summer fast approaches it’s that time to save some important dates in your diary for the Box!

❇️ Easter BBQ
Friday 19th April – 1130 Onwards

❇️ MND Charity Workout (In Normal Classes)
Saturday 27th April 0830-1130

❇️ T800 Throwdown (Diss)
Sunday 28th April – Spitfire Teams representing!

❇️ Amy Williams & Sarah Davies Olympic Lifting Workshop! 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️
Saturday 18th May

❇️ Spitfire Night Out (as in ‘Out Out’)
Saturday 25th May

❇️ Spitfire Mixed Pairs In-House Comp
Sunday 2nd June

❇️ The Suffolk Games
Saturday 6th July

Saturday 27th July

There are also more exciting events and dates to come which will be announced as soon as more details are available!

Full details of each event will be released in a separate post, so stay tuned!! 😎


Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 15th April‬


‪Skill – Rowing Technique ‬

In Pairs
‪25 AMRAP‬

‪5km Row / Ski‬
‪1- 1 X Rope Climb‬
‪2- 10 X KB Swing @32/24kg‬

‪Both Partners working through the above spilt however you like.‬


‪Once 5km Row is completed Max Effort Synchro Air Squats (No EMOM)!‬

‪Score 1 = 5km Row Time‬
‪Score 2 = Synchro Air Squat Reps‬


‪Barbell – Clean & Jerk‬

Fast forward to 25:30 and 1:14:00!! 🏋🏼‍♀️


10 EMOM 
2 X Clean & Jerk @70/75%

4 X 10 Clean Grip Deadlift @50/60%
(Rest 90 Secs Between Sets)
C / ACE.

Back Squat 4 X 3 @85%
(Rest 90 Secs Between Sets)


Crossfit Endurance – Speed Endurance

A. Time Trial: 1000m Row / Ski

Rest 5 minutes

B. Intervals

00:00-02:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace, easy pace until time cap
02:00-04:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 2/4 seconds, easy pace until time cap
04:00-06:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 4/8 seconds, easy pace until time cap
06:00-08:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 6/12 seconds, easy pace until time cap
08:00-10:00 ~ Row / Ski 200m @TT pace – 8/16 seconds, easy pace until time cap

Rest 5 minutes, repeat!

*The first 200m row should be performed at your average pace from the 1000m time trial. Each interval should be done slightly faster. Depending on fitness levels, you should aim to take between 2-4 seconds of your previous pace on each interval.

**Easy pace can be any pace under your target pace for that interval. However, you should aim to row between 100-170m in the time you have remaining.





5 X 3 Strict Press @82.5/85%


Conditioning – For Time:

Buy In:
150 X DUs / 150 X SUs

GTOH @50/35kg

Buy Out:
400m Run

Time Cap: 20 Mins



Cal Row
Over Erg Burpee

Rest 3 Minutes


Thrusters @42.5/30kg
V-Up / Sit Up

Rest 3 Minutes


Cal Assault Bike / Ski
DB Snatch @25/17.5kg


‪Bank Holiday WOD!!‬

‪Bring your workout buddies and join us for an Epic Team Workout! 🔥 (Teams of 4)‬

‪The Gym will be open 0900-1300 with classes at 0930 and 1030 and a BBQ which everyone is invited to at 1130!!! 😎 Come along, workout and socialise to kick off the Bank Holiday weekend the best possible way! 💪🏽😅‬


In Pairs

60 X Calories
50 X DB STOH @22.5/15kg
40 X T2B
30 X KB Swings @32/24kg
20 X Synchro Burpees
10 X Ring or Bar Muscle Ups / 20 X Strict Pull Ups
400m Run (Together)
Then back up!

*40 Min Time Cap


CrossFit Endurance – Base Endurance & Pacing

A. For Time

3000m Bike / 1500m Row

*Rest for heart rate to drop to 65% or less

B. For Distance

Bike or row as many meters as you can. Your time to do this will be your (personal) result from A

*Rest until heart rate has recovered to 65% or less

C. For Time

The distance to bike or row will be your (personal) result from B

*This workout is primarily an exercise in pacing. Your distance and time rowed or biked in C, should be roughly the same as your numbers in A!

**We will wait for everyone to recover from each part and start each new section together. This means some will have a little more rest. Enjoy it / cheer on the rest of the team!



‪Handstand Walking – Upside Down Master Class!!! 🤸🏽‍♂️‬


For Time:


10 Min ‘Mary’

10 X Alt Pistol
15 X Pull Up



5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 X OH Squat @42.5/30kg

Time Cap: 30 Mins

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 8th April‬


In a 30 Min Window:

10 X Squat Clean @70/50kg
10 X T2B
10 X Bar Over Burpee
8 X Squat Clean @80/60kg
15 X T2B
15 X Bar Over Burpee
6 X Squat Clean @90/65kg
20 X T2B
20 X Bar Over Burpee
4 X Squat Clean @100/70kg
25 X T2B
25 X Bar Over Burpee
2 X Squat Clean @110/75kg
ME Bar Over Burpee

Score = Bar Over Burpees!

Tip: Don’t go too hard too quickly, find a smooth pace you can sustain, spilt the reps up early and don’t go to failure. You should aim for 2-3 mins on the last section 🔥




A.1 4 X 8 Strict Press @60%
A.2 4 X 20 V-Ups / Sit Ups

Coaches Notes:
 Complete A.1 Rest 30 Secs, Complete A.2 Rest 60 Secs



In Pairs

400m Run (Both)
40 X Alt DB Snatch @22.5/15kg
400m Row / Ski
40 X Box Jump Overs @24/20″


Crossfit Endurance – Power and Speed Endurance

A. Rower Ramp Test

Guys: 2:00/500m
Girls: 2:10/500m

Guys and girls start at the assigned pace of 2:00/500m and 2:10/500m respectively. Every minute reduce the split time by 5 seconds. Continue to decrease the split time by 5 seconds until you can no longer keep up with the required pace for the full minute. Remember your score.


2 X Deadlifts @80%
40sec Row at max pace achieved in A
16 X Prisoner Lunges (recovery)
*Rest until heart rate has dropped to 67%




Barbell – Snatch


1 X Snatch High Pull + 1 X Snatch + 1 X Hang Snatch @60/70%


For Time:

5 Rounds
8 X Power Snatch @42.5/30kg
32 X Double Unders

Coaches Notes:
 Pick a weight you can cycle sets of 8 with good form, don’t go from moving really well in A to poorly in B!



Skill – Ring Muscle Up

Mobility, Strength and Technique / Progressions


10-1 Ladder For Quality

Strict Pull Up / Jumping Negative / Strict Ring Row
Strict Ring Dip / HR Push Up
*10m DB Bear Crawl Between Rounds


3 Rounds For Quality:

12 X STOH @60/40kg
14 X Front Rack Lunge @60/40kg
16 X T2B

Score = Time
Rest Max 10 Mins

In Pairs:
(One person working at a time, spilt the reps between you)


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14…….
Med Ball Clean @15/9kg
Med Ball Russian Twist


Grab your team mates and GO!! 💃🏽🕺🏼🔥

In Teams of 3 (2 people working at a Time)

100 X Cal Assault Bike + 100 X Pull Ups
100 X Cal Row + 100 X Down Ups
400 X DU / SU + 100 X Slam Balls @30/20lb


Strict Pull Up Strength & Mobility

Want to improve your overhead mobility and pulling strength… or progress toward the Muscle Up safely? Come along! 💪🏽🔥


Crossfit Endurance – Speed Endurance / Local Muscular Endurance

For Time:

20 Calories
12 X Front Squats @65% of 1RM
15 X Wall Balls
*Rest to 70% of MHR

20 Calories
9 X Front Squats @70%
21 X Wall Balls
*Rest to 70% of MHR

20 Calories
7 X Front Squats @75%
27 X Wall Balls
*Rest to 70% of MHR

20 Calories
5 X Front Squats @80%
33 X Wall Balls
*Rest to 70% of MHR

20 Calories
3 X Front Squats @85%
37 X Wall Balls



‘The Don’


U.S. Marine Corporal Donald M. Marler, 22, of St. Louis, Missouri, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Pendleton, California, died on June 6, 2010 while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his mother Susan, his father David Sr., his sister Jennifer Pupillo, and his brothers David Jr. and Jacob.

For Time:
66 X Deadlifts  @50/30kg
66 X Box Jumps @24/20”
66 X KB Swings @24/16kg
66 X Knee to Elbow
66 X Sit Ups
66 X Pull Ups
66 X Thrusters @20/15kg
66 X Wall Balls @9/6kg
66 X Burpee
66 X DU’s