About CrossFit Classes

What is CrossFit?

The answer is quite simple, it’s constantly varied, functional movement!


What are the benefits?

By taking part in the workouts at Spitfire’s Norwich CrossFit Gym you can expect to gain:

Increased energy levels
Improved sleep
Reduction in body fat
Toned and shaped body
Faster in both reactions & movement
Look, move and feel better in every way

That is, activities that once were difficult now become easier and more comfortable to complete. CrossFit foundations are built around targeting key fitness areas such as:

Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
Stamina and strength
Power and speed
Flexibility, co-ordination and agility
Balance and accuracy

The aim is to prepare YOU for dealing with life’s challenges – the unknown or unknowable!

Our workouts are constantly varied and therefore you will never do two days the same, two weeks the same or two months the same. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also increases the impact of each workout.

The key to CrossFit’s success is down to not allowing the body get used to the type of activity/training/movement you are regularly performing (keeping the body guessing) therefore by using functional compound movements, which are performed at high intensity and are constantly varied in their duration, movements and repetitions, your body keeps adapting and so you continue to get RESULTS long term!!!

Check out the following video to give you an idea of what’s involved in CrossFit:

What is functional movement?

Functional movement involves real world situations. A great example of this is an exercise called the squat as it represents standing up. Without the ability to squat, how else could you get off the toilet!? Similarly, think about the Deadlift; without it, how else would you pick up this week’s grocery shopping!?

CrossFit is a full body conditioning programme for any age and ability. The workouts are scalable to suit each individual and their own personal goals as the CrossFit community brings together a wide range of people: Anyone from beginners who are new to fitness, to the elite athletes who are looking for a new challenge both mentally and physically. CrossFit challenges the body in all areas using as many different and unique exercises and movements as possible.

Our Norwich CrossFit gym adapts and develops exercises that allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injury.

Every CrossFit routine is timed or measured to monitor YOUR progression!

When you’re ready for a full mind & body TRANSFORMATION, simply pick up the phone and call Team Spitfire’s Norwich CrossFit Gym on: 07868 602618 or email info@crossfitspitfire.com