We are all in this TOGETHER, and our commitment to you is to keep all our members FIT, HEALTHY and SANE. We can only do this with you playing an active part and making an effort to do this with us. All of the coaches are behind you, so please make sure you make the most of what we can offer you throughout November…

✅ Member Equipment Loans

✅ 3 X Daily Midweek Online CrossFit Classes (Early / Mid-Morning / Early Evening)

✅ Saturday Online Team WOD

✅ Sunday Online Hero WOD

✅ Daily At Home Program for you to do anytime

✅ Full access to The Athlete Program which includes 11 different daily programs including Conditioning, Running, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Body Building and more!

We got this… all you need to do is to keep your chin up and GET INVOLVED!!!! Don’t disappear, you will feel 1,000,000% better about life if you continue to train with us and the amazing community we have built together!!!!!

We will be using Zoom, with full details and links sent to members before Thursday. You do not need to have any kit to join the classes, and you don’t even need to turn your camera on. We really can’t make it any easier for you to stay fit with us!