❇️ Team Spitfire are very excited to announce that Sam Gibbons Movement Mechanic is joining the Team as our first resident full time Clinical Injury Specialist!!

❇️ With a Masters Degree in Sports Rehabilitation Sam has extensive knowledge in neuromuscular rehabilitation, for both sport and non-sporting injuries. Having worked on a sports medical team in Football, with Professional Boxers, Powerlifters, Crossfit Athletes, Sniper unit Military Personnel, National Level Snowboarders and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Athletes, Sam has a proven track record of returning athletes to high level sport. Sam is also the only qualified DNS – ET (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation – Exercise Trainer) in the area, which means he can provide highly specific injury rehabilitation. After working in an NHS clinic of a hospital alongside specialists including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors he also has the skill set necessary to guide anyone back to their job / hobbies regardless of their age or ability.

❇️ To book in to see Sam simply head over to:

💻 Booking Service
📧 movementmechanicuk@gmail.com
☎️ 07535 149570

Sam Gibbons MSc BSc (Hons) GSR DNS-ET
Clinical Injury Specialist

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