Tag: Cardio

Thursday 30th July

A. Barbell – Clean ‘Focus = Technique Not Load’ 2 X Clean (not TNG)* Rest 60s Between Sets *Build to a Max of RPE 6 B. Metcon: 10 EMOM 1- 3 X Clean @70% of A

Wednesday 29th July

A. Strength – Pull Up & Ring Dip 3 Sets: 30s Strict Pull Up / Alt Superman 30s Ring Dip / Hollow Body Rock Scaling Options: Pull Up = Low Bar Seated Pull Up / Banded / Ring Row Ring Dip = Box Dip / Push Up / Push Up to Box B. Metcon 16… Read more »

Tuesday 28th July

A. Strength – Push Press 4 X 7 @RPE 5 Rest 60s Between Sets B. Metcon 15 AMRAP 30 X DU / 60 X SU 20 X Otis Sit-Up / Butterfly Sit-Up 10 X STOH @40/30kg 5 X Front Squat @40/30kg / Plate Squat / Air Squat

Monday 27th July

A. Strength – Deadlift 4 X 6 @RPE 6 Rest 90s Between Sets B. Metcon 4 Rounds For Time 8 X Burpee to Plate 14 X Plate GTOH 20 X Plate OH Lunge 26 X Plate Russian Twist Rx: 20/15kg Plate Time Cap: 12 Mins


SPITFIRE 2.0 IS OPENING ON THE 25TH JULY… We are VERY EXCITED to be reopening our doors again with a completely revamped Gym, brand new timetable and awesome program! Our uniquely designed program is open to all ages and abilities, and there has never been a better time to start… so what are you waiting… Read more »