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Introducing Our Spitfire Physio – Sam The ‘Movement Mechanic’

❇️ Team Spitfire are very excited to announce that Sam Gibbons Movement Mechanic – Sports Physiotherapy is joining the Team as our first resident full time Physiotherapist!! ❇️ With a Masters Degree in Sports Rehabilitation Sam has extensive knowledge in neuromuscular rehabilitation, for both sport and non-sporting injuries. Having worked on a sports medical team… Read more »

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 1st July‬

Monday: A. Strength / Skill 16 EMOM  1 – 1 X Legless Rope Climb / Rope Climb / 2 X Seated Climb  2 – Accumulate 15-30s Ring Support Hold / Ring Plank Hold / 30s Plank Hold  3 – 10m Handstand Walk / 5-10 Free Standing HS Kick Ups (w/hold) / 3 X Wall Walks… Read more »