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Programming For Week Commencing 16th September

Monday: A. Strength A.1 5 X 5 Strict Pull-up Rest 30 seconds A.2 5 X 20/15 Press Up Rest 90 Seconds *Rx+ Wear a Weighted Vest B. Conditioning 20 EMOM 1- 10 X Ring Dip 2- 5 X Strict T2B* 3- 10 X Strict Press 4- 30 Second Hollow Hold *Scale to Strict Toes to… Read more »

Programming For Week Commencing 9th September

Monday: Conditioning In Teams of 3: 30min Max Cal Bike Erg P1 on Bike P2 Rest P3 Completes: 10 Alt Single Arm Devils Press @22.5/15kg 10m Single Arm OH Walking Lunge (right) 10m Single Arm Walking Lunge (left) *Swap working partner after each completed round.  The time on the bike and the rest time is… Read more »

Programming For Week Commencing 2nd September

Monday A. 20 AMRAP (For Quality!) In Pairs IGYG (10 Reps of each station, i.e. P1 completes 5 X HPS + 5 X OHS then P2 completes the same) 5 X Hang Power Snatch + 5 X OHS @50/35kg* 5 X Hang Power Cleans + 5 X Front Squat @50/35kg** 5 X Pull-Up + 5… Read more »

Programming For Week Commencing 26th August

Bank Holiday Monday: Teams of 4: 5 Rounds For Time 20 X Synchro Pair Front Rack Lunge @70/47.5kg 12 X Burpee Box Jump 16 X Synchro Pair STOH 12 X Burpee Box Jump 12 X Synchro Pair Squat Clean 12 X Burpee Box Jump 8 X Synchro Pair GTOH 12 X Burpee Box Jump Time… Read more »

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 19th August‬

Monday: Strength – Clean A. 20 Mins to Build to a Technical Heavy Single Clean B. 8 EMOM 1 X Clean @80% of A + 5 X V-Up / 10 X Med Ball Sit Up C / ACE. 3 X 20 Banded Face Pulls Tuesday: Gymnastic Strength A. 4 Sets 30s Ring Support (Bottom) Cumulative… Read more »