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Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 13th January‬

Monday: Strength A. 5 X 4 Front Squat @65-70% (Tempo 41X1) Rest 90 Secs Between Sets B. Conditioning In Pairs For Time: 50 X Deadlifts @130/85kg 50 X Box Jumps @30/24” 250 X DUs 50 X Wallballs @15/9kg Time Cap: 15 Mins Tuesday A. Strength / Skill Practice 16 EMOM 1 – 1 X Legless… Read more »

🇦🇺Support Australia – Team WOD Fundraiser Saturday 11th Jan🇦🇺

This Saturday 11th Jan we are running a fundraising Team WOD session during the normal Team WOD classes to support and raise money for the Australian Red Cross, and also the World Wildlife Fund, due to the horrific and tragic bushfires currently decimating the entire country, people and animal population. To participate all class attendees… Read more »

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 6th January‬

Monday: A. Strength 10-1 (For Quality) Strict HSPU / Pike PU / Z-Press Strict Ring Dip / Box Dip / HR Push Up Strict Pull Up / Jumping Negative / Strict Ring Row Time Cap: 20 Mins B. In Pairs (YGIG) 12 AMRAP 6 X Burpee to Plate 12 X GTOH 24 X DU /… Read more »

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 30th December

Monday: A. Strength 15 Mins Back Squat 1RM *Note this down and use this as your benchmark for percentage work going forward Conditioning For Time – In Pairs 30-20-10 Wall Balls @9/6kg Double Unders +MAX Calories on kit of choice *P1 does 30+30, whilst P2 does cals. **Swap, P2 does 30+30, P1 does cals Etc….. Read more »

Programming for the Week Commencing‪ 23rd December

‬Monday: 30 EMOM 1 – 14 X Down Up 2 – 14 X KB Thruster @24/16kg (7 Each Arm) 3 – Rest 4 – 14 X Box Jump @24/20″ 5 – 14 X Alt DB Hang Power Clean & Jerk @25/17.5kg (7 Each Arm) 6 – Rest Single Arm KB Thruster: DB Hang Clean & Jerk:… Read more »