CrossFit Timetable

Use the timetable to book into the classes at one of the newest CrossFit boxes in Norwich

CrossFit classes available


By far the most important classes that take place once you start your CrossFit journey.  The Foundations sessions are crucial in laying the building blocks for better movement, technique, understanding your body better, and appreciating the foundational movements that comprise the CrossFit methodology and skills essential to a healthy, safe and progressive training program.  Members new to CrossFit Spitfire will benefit immensely from our three FREE Foundations classes as soon as possible after joining!

CrossFit Class

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program consisting mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weight lifting.  An hour-long CrossFit class will typically include a group warm-up, a skill development and / or strength segment, the high-intensity “workout of the day” (or WOD), and a period of individual or group stretching.  The programming changes each and every day, is always completely scalable and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Team WOD

Following the principles of a CrossFit class and doing what CrossFit does best, with the entire session focussed on team work.  Team WOD classes are programmed to ensure that you will always push each other to achieve more, whilst having a lot of fun and creating an awesome atmosphere.  Be inspired and inspire others.


Gymnastics classes are programmed to focus on the art of Callisthenic (bodyweight) movement and basic gymnastic apparatus.  They are designed to increase core strength, flexibility, muscular and aerobic conditioning whilst building your confidence and developing your psychomotor skills, balance, agility and coordination.  Whether it’s mastering the perfect push up or handstand walking, to challenging yourself on the rig, ropes and rings these classes are guaranteed to be fun and rewarding no matter what level you are at.  Suitable for all abilities from beginners to advanced.


Barbell classes are programmed to focus on the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, including technique drills, strength and accessory work, mobility and conditioning for the Clean and Jerk and Snatch lifts. These sessions are 90 minutes long and complement the CrossFit main programming during the week and the standard two CrossFit Barbell focussed sessions. Suitable for those who have an understanding of the lifts from the main classes and the Foundations programme. Suitable for abilities novice to advanced.

Strongman / Strongwoman

Whether you want to master tyre flips, sledge pulls / drags, the Yoke or Atlas Stones or just get stronger and fitter in general, our Specialist Strongman / Strongwoman classes to push you further, build stamina, strength, power and aerobic capacity to really harbour that inner Strongman or Strongwoman!

CrossFit Endurance

The Crossfit Endurance classes are programmed to develop a more powerful and efficient ‘engine’ for participants. They will help you maximize your cardiovascular fitness, speed, stamina and maximum power output, which will increase overall work capacity.


A 60 minute class to help compliment an intense workout schedule and allow time to unwind. This ancient form of exercise centres around flexibility, strength and breathing and is a great way to aid recovery, improve mental health and prevent injury. Based on Hatha yoga, this class will focus primarily on the poses and their health benefits; allowing modifications and enhancements to make them suitable for all abilities.

Open Gym

Open Gym gives you the chance to work out without being in a coached class environment.  Come in anytime you need to work on your technique, fitness, have a go at the daily WOD or even throwdown with one of the coaches!  This is not a coached session however there will be a coach on hand to supervise and give advice.

One-to-One Coaching / Programming

A one hour privately coached session with one of our professional Trainers. This session is tailored to meet your exact needs and requirements depending on your fitness objectives, whether it’s weight loss, competition training, work out motivation, or just feeling more positive within yourself! Please enquire for details.