Monday 28th September



DB / KB Power Clean*
Front Rack Alt Lunge
V-Up / Tuck Crunch

*DB / KB Rx: 2 X 22.5/15kg or 2 X 24/16kg

In remaining time ME Cals

Rest 4 Mins


4 Rounds:
6 X Devils Press @2 X 22.5/15kg
8 X Renegade Row (L+R = 1 Rep)
10 X Slam Ball @30/20lbs

In remaining time ME Cals


Tuesday 29th September


Strength – Front Squat

15 Mins to Build to a Heavy For The Day Triple



6 Rounds For Time:

3 X GTOH* @70/50kg
30 X DU / 60 X SU

*Power Snatch or Clean & Jerk

Time Cap: 8 Mins


Wednesday 30th September


Strength – Deadlift

4 X 3 @RPE8/9

Rest 90s Between Sets


10-1 Ladder
Bent Over Row @60/40kg
HR Push Up
Barbell Windscreen Wiper
Reverse Burpee

Time Cap: 18 Mins


Thursday 1st October


Strength – Strict Toes to Bar


1- 40s Strict Toes To Bar / Ring / Toes To KB
2- 40s Alt Superman



In Pairs

2 Rounds For Time:

80/60 X Cals*
100 X Wall Ball @9/6kg

*1 X Boy + 1 X Girl = 70 X Cals

Time Cap: 16 Mins – You’ve got to MOVE!!


Friday 2nd October

Barbell – Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch Complex


Build to a RPE 8 of:

1 X Power Snatch + 1 X Hang Power Snatch

Rest 60-90s Between Sets


12 EMOM @70% of A
1- 1 X Power Snatch + 1 X Hang Power Snatch
2- 16 X Reverse Crunch


Saturday 3rd October

Team WOD

‪Conditioning ‬

‪30 AMRAP In Pairs:‬


‪‪Burpee to Plate‬
‪American KB Swing @32/24kg‬
‪KB Alt Lunge
‪Alt DB Hang Clean & Jerk @25/17.5kg‬

‪In remaining time ME Synchro Down Ups!‬


Sunday 4th October

Hero WOD ‘Joshua H Reeves’

This Hero WOD is dedicated to Corporal Joshua H Reeves of the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, US Army, who paid the ultimate price in combat on Sept. 22, 2007.

Originally from Hendersonville, GA, Cpl Reeves was deployed as part of the troop surge to combat increased violence in Iraq. On the day of his death, Cpl. Reeves was on patrol in Baghdad when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee, killing him instantly.

Tragically, Cpl. Reeves’ first child was born the night prior to his death.

“Joshua H. Reeves” was designed by Justin Sloan, Army Master Fitness Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and head coach and owner of Armywod.com. Cpl. Reeves’ service, and sacrifice, shares a special place of honor for Justin, as he was Cpl. Reeves’ Army recruiter. Upon hearing the details of Cpl. Reeves’ death, Justin sought to honor his memory.

According to Justin, there is no significance to the movements chosen, however, the five rounds signifies Cpl. Reeves’ place as one of five siblings and the rep scheme reflects the date Cpl. Reeves made the ultimate sacrifice.

5 Rounds for Time:

9 X T2B / T2KB
22 X Alternating Dumbbell Snatch @22.5/15kg
7 X Squat Cleans @60/40kg

Time Cap: 30 Mins